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Who the heck are you?

Who, me? I'm the Teahermit. I make comics and drink tea. If you want a little more detail, head on over to, my main website.

What's this here shop then, eh?

I used to only sell comics and commissions at conventions, but I know there are a lot of you who can't make it to cons that want my comics - so that's what this shop is for.

Okay, fine, I bought something. How long will my order take?

That depends. For UK orders, between 5-10 days. For everywhere else, between 10-30 days. If you've ordered a commission, that will take an extra week or so on top of those estimates, because I have to draw it for you first!

Will my comics all arrive together?

If you order multiple items (you lovely person, you!) I will send them all together. Commissions however will always be sent seperately.

I don't live in the UK, can I order products from your shop?

You certainly can! All locations are now available in the shipping options.

Postage is so expensive!

That's not a question.

My order isn't here yet! Did you forget to send it?

This is a one woman band so to speak, so if your order isn't with you yet after a reasonable wait, it could be that there's been a plain ol' human error. Not to worry, click the Contact button over to your right and we'll sort it out.

My order IS here, but it's damaged!

Oh gosh I'm really sorry if this happens to you. All sorts can happen on longer journeys, and if you're very unhappy with the amount of damage, let me know and we'll see if we can't sort you out.

Can you sign the comic I just bought?

Absolutely! Just make sure to select the *SIGNED* option when you've placed your order. Also if you want something specific, send me a message so that I know to dedicate it to you/your husbando/your waifu/your cat/etc.

Can I read your comics online?

Yes indeed! If you like my work but can't afford to buy comics, that is a shame indeed. But I've been there, so that's why Cafe Suada is also free to read online. Head over to to catch up on the latest pages. You can also find samples of my entire comics portfolio over at

Can I use your art for my blog/website/wedding invitation/major business logo?

Slow down there, m'dear. While I am happy for anyone to use my artwork in a review or recommendation on their blog, I am NOT happy for artwork to be used for other purposes.

If you want to commission something other than the personal portraits I offer in the products here, hit the Contact button to your right and send me a message. I'd be happy to quote you a reasonable price for any personal or commercial illustration!

When does your store "close" for Xmas?

16th December is the last day you can order in time for Xmas. You can still order any items after that, but delivery will be delayed by up to 3 extra weeks due to Xmas and New Years.

I have another question...

Not a problem. Hit the Contact button and send me a message. I won't bite.